Santa at Wildside!

There’s a very special visitor coming to Wildside this December!

The festive season is a time for everyone of all faiths and beliefs to come together and celebrate all that we have in common, so everyone is invited to come along to Wildside and enjoy marking this special time of year with someone who will make you feel so-Ho-Ho welcome!


Tree of Hope

Our philosophy at Wildside, is to explore and enjoy the outdoors, providing opportunities for learning, challenge, health and personal development. Throughout we try to foster respect for the environment, supporting people to care for and safeguard our planet for future generations.

To support our ethos of promoting sustainability, our tree of hope is made from only recycled and salvaged materials to show that we can all aspire to do what we can to protect the environment at this key time.

We also want our tree to be a symbol of hope for all the communities of Wolverhampton who come together to celebrate their own faiths.

We therefore invite you to leave your own message of hope and celebration and send it to and we will post it on our social media channels to help and inspire others at this special time of year.

Wildside recently exhibited its Tree  of Hope at Tettenhall Wood United Reform Church and it will be on display at the centre throughout the festive period.