At Wildside, we do our utmost to make sure that people with additional needs can have access to nature and the outdoors.
We work with people who have physical disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues and long-term health needs.

We would rather talk about what people can do than what they can’t.

In a green environment, people can experience a closeness to nature and often learn more easily. 
The peace and quiet usually lessen stress and sensory overload.

We have parking on site; a ramp up to the main meeting room; two toilets adapted for people with disabilities.
Access to the woodland is limited for wheelchairs but there is ramped access to the towpath by the canal. The boat now has a lift for wheelchair access and the toilets can be adapted to accommodate a wheelchair.

Dependent on the specific situation, our users with additional needs can usually experience:

  • Boat trips
  • Natural crafts
  • Canoeing
  • Den building, fire lighting, minibeast hunts, Forest School and other environmental activities
  • Bird watching and bird box making
  • Cycling (for some but we do not have adapted bicycles)

We do whatever we can to raise funds to reduce the cost of activities for those with specific needs. 
We understand that groups numbers will often be lower and that high staff ratios will be needed. 
Please ask when booking if we are able to offer any reduced cost activities.