Situated in Whitmore Reans, an area of north west Wolverhampton, Wildside Activity Centre occupies a position unique in its ability to offer a wide variety of outdoor and environmental activities.

Geographically speaking we are in a ‘green oasis’, surrounded on all sides by differing natural habitats, none of which are normally associated with living in a town. Look out of our windows and you will see woodland, meadow, grassland and excellent aquatic and waterside habitats in the adjacent canal. All of these provide ample opportunities to pursue exciting and stimulating environmental and outdoor activities.

As an Outdoor and Environmental Education Centre we provide the basis of an informal approach to learning in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our qualified and experienced staff supply the expertise to ensure that any visit is a learning, rewarding and memorable experience to individuals and groups alike.

In keeping with Centre policy the vast majority of our activities are fully accessible to people with disabilities, including use of our narrowboat ‘Trebalisa’, which is moored at our own wharf right next to the Centre.