Our Mission

All ages, all abilities – we reconnect people with nature.

Our mission at Wildside is to provide enjoyment of the outdoors by offering adventurous and environmental activities, promoting wellbeing and an underlying appreciation of the natural world for all our users. Our philosophy is that we explore and enjoy the outdoors, providing opportunities for learning, challenge, health improvement and personal development. Throughout we try to foster respect for the environment, and seek to care for it, helping safeguard our planet for future generations.

We are in a green oasis on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal. From our windows you will see woodland, meadow and waterside; all offering ample opportunities for exciting and stimulating activities. We operate our narrowboat to provide trips for all ages and to promote awareness and use of the canal.

Wildside Activity Centre seeks to serve its immediate neighbourhood, the whole City of Wolverhampton and surrounding areas. We place great emphasis on the quality of our provision and attention to health and safety. Our work is characterised by the friendliness and the commitment of our staff and volunteers.

We work with all ages from pre-school to the elderly. We are especially proud of our innovative work with people who have disabilities or special needs. Our vision is to open up further opportunities for enjoyment of the outdoors and adventurous activities, particularly seeking to reach groups suffering deprivation and social exclusion in the local neighbourhood and the wider community of Wolverhampton.  

We aim to ensure that all visitors with disabilities have access to our facilities. While we cannot guarantee total ‘access for all’, we aim to provide an environment that is as accessible as possible and will adapt what we do wherever we can to meet specific needs.