Save the Date

18th-25th April 2024

Our Big Give Green Match Fund campaign takes place between Thursday 18th – Thursday 25th April during which time, any donations made to Wildside will be matched.

So, for every £ donated Wildside will benefit by £2 thanks to the support of the Big Give Green Match Fund.

We believe that helping each other is one of the most important things we can do as a community. So, if you could consider donating to Wildside you could make a HUGE DIFFERENCE to us as a charity and those we support here in the region.

Donations need to be made online via the Big Give Green Match web page between 18-25 April 2024.

We appreciate that times are difficult for many, and our ethos here at Wildside is based on improving people’s emotional health and wellbeing, so please bear in mind you should only consider contributing if it is right for you and your circumstances.

We value all the support you give us not only financially but in so many other ways. So thank you for whatever help you can give.


Campaign rules

• Charities must not donate to their own campaign from their charity account under any circumstances.

Only donations via will be doubled: We can only match fund donations made through your Green Match Fund campaign page on the Big Give website using a valid debit or credit card from midday Thursday 18th April to midday Thursday 25th April.

• We can only accept donations via debit card, credit card or Apple or Google Pay and BACS: We cannot match fund donations on other websites or donations made offline, eg. cheques, CAF payments, etc.

• For donations of £500 or more, donors can also choose to use the BACS donation option (please ask donors to set this up as soon as possible if they want to use it as BACS transfers can sometimes take some time. We will not match any BACS transfers that reach us after the end of the campaign).

• Match funds for donations are reserved for 30 minutes: Donors must complete their donation within this time for their donation to be matched. If this time expires, a pop-up will appear notifying the donor and letting them know they can continue with an unmatched donation or start again to make a matched donation (we cannot guarantee there will be match funds available if they start again). If you have any major donors waiting until the last day to make a donation to help you reach your target, don’t leave it to the very last minute for them to make a donation; allow a couple of hours of buffer time in case they experience any issues when trying to make a donation.

• The minimum donation amount is £1, and the maximum size of an individual donation is £25,000.