The philosophy of Wildside focusses on increasing health and wellbeing through contact with the natural world for the  people and communities of Wolverhampton including those with additional needs and long-term health issues.

We have seen first-hand how people’s lives have been lit up and enriched by getting outdoors and enjoying the activities we can offer. The National Lottery funded Wellness to Wildness project has helped to establish a longer-term programme to ensure that this work reaches our to more people in the city.

Three years in the project has successfully extended what we do here in Wolverhampton and has widened the scope of our work and the number of groups involved. This includes working with more local families within the Whitmore Reans area. 

We have also been able to work with a greater number of businesses wanting to  improve the wellbeing of their employees through volunteering opportunities or health and well being staff ‘away days’. 

 Elements of this project have also helped to improve local green spaces with maintenance and habitat enhancement, while improving health through increased exercise and activity in the company of others.

The project is lead by Wildside’s Business Development Manager, supported by  Project Officer who work to engage with local communities and the business sector to further the aims of the project and promote the work of Wildside generally. and the 

The core of the project seeks to provide 80 sessions per year of health related activities getting people in touch with nature at the Centre or through outreach (mainly for people with disabilities etc. but 25% of these sessions will be for families etc. with no specific health needs). These targets have been met and indeed exceeded year on year.