“When children learn outdoors they develop in lots of ways simultaneously and the learning they do is very secure. Minds, bodies and hearts are all exercised at once.”


Are you a teacher or educational professional looking to enhance the opportunities for your students to learn out of doors?

Wildside is offering a set of three professional development days focussing on the use of outdoor spaces as a means to engage young learners.

The three sessions will focus on hands-on activities using simple resources, making them adaptable to whatever outdoor spaces are available to you in your own setting. Each session will explore ideas which support learning and development through participation in practical hands-on activities and sensory based experiences. Positive outcomes will be aligned to key curriculum areas such as communication, language and literacy, mathematics, science and art.

Alongside the curriculum areas, we will see look at how outdoor play, activity and exploration help to develop social and emotional wellbeing – a crucial beneficial element of outdoor opportunities.

Each day will include an introduction to outdoor learning organisations and programmes such as Learning Through Landscapes and Forest School.

A separate programme of activities will be delivered on each day and participants are invited to attend on any/all days.

To find out more about our Outdoor Curriculum and Learning Days click HERE or email info@wildsideac.co.uk