Energy and Sustainability, Including Solar Powered Boats or Jitterbug Robots

These sessions link to the Science curriculum and cover the electricity topic. They can be delivered at the Centre or in your school.


Sessions normally last about 75 minutes. For a school class, the school should provide scissors but all other equipment is supplied.

  • Learn how electricity is made and why we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Apply your existing knowledge of circuit making to make your own moving robot.
  • Experiment to get your Jitterbug robot to move in different ways.
  • Be creative and design your own Jitterbug.

Solar Boats

Best delivered during the summer as it works best on a sunny day. We can deliver this workshop in your school but it requires a flat outside area near your classroom ideally with a nearby water supply. This lesson normally takes 90 minutes.

  • The importance of the sun and solar energy are discussed.
  • Children are then challenged to work as part of a small team to design and make a model boat powered by solar electricity.
  • After trialling and altering their boats we hold a boat race and evaluate their finished products.